Service Maintenance
and parts

Bentley cars are highly complex performance machines, To ensure
they sustain this peak level of performance. regular specialist
maintenance with genuine tools and parts is a must – and can
only be guaranteed when using a authorized Bentley repairers.


Our experts ensure that all critical engine filters and perishable items are replaced at the right times and, crucially, always with genuine Bentley parts. They will also organise regular fluid inspections and changes to help ensure the car is kept properly lubricated at all times, in all critical areas.

By entrusting your car to Authorised Bentley Repairers, you not only get the most from your Bentley during the time you own it, but also get the most from it when it comes to upgrading. This is due to the high regard with which a genuine full Service Record, with an Authorised Bentley Repairer, is held.

Our Technicians

Being an Authorised Bentley Repairer is a constant journey of improvement. Our technicians continually receive updates and training in the same place that our cars are built – the Bentley factory in Crewe.

They have access to the latest software updates, specialist diagnostic and repair equipment, all of which ensure Bentley models are maintained and repaired in the correct way and to the latest standards.

What’s more, through working on high-value cars on a day-to-day basis, our technicians acquire an extensive knowledge of Bentley models, allowing them to deliver extraordinary attention to detail on every repair.

All the work our authorised and highly respected technicians perform on your car meets the exacting standards held by the Bentley brand. They keep your car performing as if it were new, regardless of age or mileage.

Genuine Bentley Parts

Our authorised technicians take great pride in all the parts they fit. Only genuine parts are used by an Authorised Bentley Repairer when carrying out maintenance or repair tasks on a Bentley. What’s more, each genuine part is designed to the same exacting quality as the parts fitted to the vehicle when it was originally created at Crewe.

Each is precision made – like the components of a fine movement within a Swiss watch – finished with meticulous attention to detail. They are also subject to rigorous quality testing and are engineered with performance and longevity in mind.

For your peace of mind, genuine Bentley parts also come with a 2-year comprehensive warranty.

Vehicle Collection

vehicle collection & delivery service. Should any repair or maintenance work be required, your Bentley can be collected from an address of your choice, at a time convenient to you, and delivered to an Authorised Bentley Repairer.

Whether your Bentley is collected by a fully-insured car transporter or by a specialist driver from the authorised repairer, your vehicle is always moved with the upmost care. This gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your car is being handled by authorised Bentley professionals at every stage of the repair or service.

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