From the very first win at Le Mans in 1924, our heritage is extremely important.

We are proud of our Commitment to continue to support all Bentley and Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models built from 1955-2002.

It should be of no surprise that over 80% of all Bentley and

Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models ever built are still in use today and since many of these become Collector’s favourites, it is important to maintain the pedigree of these vehicles. For all of these models, Bentley has an extensive range of genuine parts available, each one manufactured to the same specification as the original.

Crewe Genuine Parts, developed for Crewe-built Rolls-Royce models, together with Genuine Bentley Parts both offer the same high quality of the original components and will help to keep your vehicle functioning perfectly and its heritage pure. Bentley has now introduced an innovative way of finding parts and components for a wide range of Crewe-built Rolls-Royce and Bentley Heritage models.

The new Heritage Parts Website brings a wealth of information into one place. Everything a Heritage model owner could possibly need has been digitised and catalogued for easy navigation, meaning the finest parts can now be accessed in the smartest way.

Find your part at heritage.bentleymotors.com